Holy Family Chapel

Holy Family Chapel

Holy Family Chapel
Morne Prosper

According to some older members of our Morne Prosper Catholic Community, our chapel was founded about the year 1958. It was a wooden structure, “Grand Labou’ originally situated on the way up to the vegetable gardens of the village.

The wooden structure was carried from “Grand Labou” to the present location where we now have a concrete structure.

The first concrete structure was destroyed by Hurricane David in 1979 and was replaced by a new structure under the supervision of Father Charles Vermeulen, C.Ss.R. on land donated by Mr. P.A. Rolle. The contractor for the chapel building was Mr. Alexander John Baptiste. At the time, the Dean of the Cathedral was Father Duerloo, C.Ss.R.

Many priests have served the community of Morne Prosper over the years including Fathers Gelaude, Vermeulen, Lamote, Stockel, Francis, Werner, Monsignor John-Lewis, Monsignor Thomas and Father Elveau.

Presently the community is being served by Rev. Fr. Nigel Karam, Dean of the Cathedral, he is sometimes assisted by Rev. Msgr. Eustace Thomas, Rev. Fr. Calistus St. Louis and Deacon Rev. Mr. Jeffers Paul.

The choir is very active, as well as our faithful catechists, lay ministers, eucharistic ministers, lectors and animators, altar servers and musicians and cleaners. About a hundred, more or less, attend Mass regularly.

Pictures of the renovation work being done to the Holy Family Chapel