Our Lady of Fair Haven Cathedral Parish

About Us

This Parish forms an integral part of the Diocese of Roseau and is the seat of the Bishop. It encompasses the City of Roseau and the Roseau Valley.

Due to the renovation of the cathedral regular mass has been relocated to the St. Gerald’s Hall on turkey lane next to the St. Mary’s Academy secondary School and is now referred to as our lady of fair haven cathedral chapel.

Our Lady of Fair Haven

Parish Schedule

Parish Office Hours

Mon. Wed – Friday: 8:30 am to 4 pm. Tues. Office Closed Sat. Office Closed Sun. Office Closed

Mass Schedule

Monday to Saturday: 6am. Fridays: 1:10pm. Saturday Evening: 6pm. Sundays: 7am & 9am

Choir Practice

Mon: 7pm - Wed: 5pm - Every other Fri: 7pm - Thurs after adoration

Devotions Schedule

Confessions: Daily after 6 am Mass or by appointment. Ecuraristic Adoration: Thursdays: 6:30 am to 6 pm


The Foundation

The first Roman Catholic Church in Roseau was constructed by Father Guillaume Martel O.P in 1730. It measured 40 feet x 16 feet. It was christened Notre Dame du Bon Port on Christmas Eve 1730. This translates to its current name "Our Lady of Fair Haven". The original church of Fr. Martel was situated in centre of the present Cathedral.

The Construction
The Growth

Important Milestones

  1. The Year 1730

    Fr. Martel, O.P founded the parish of Roseau, built a church 16' x 40' and called it "Notre Dame du Bon Port", in replacement of the simple chapel of reeds which he found upon his arrival on the island.

  2. The Year 1799

    The central section of the present cathedral was started. From 1813, the presbytery, located where St. Ives (The Christian Brothers Residence) now stands, was used for church services.

  3. The Year 1839

    The central section of the cathedral was completed 40yrs after it was started.

  4. The Year 1833-49

    Fr. Capoulade built the side aisles.

  5. The Year 1850

    Bishop Monaghan was appointed first Bishop of Roseau. He imported the pure marble altar with brass statuettes of Jesus the Good Shepherd and the four evangelists and Sts. Peter and Paul

  6. The Year 1854

    The Main steeple was built according to plans made by Bishop Monaghan. It is 80' high, the cross is 18'.

  7. The year 1864

    The mahogany pulpit, built by convicts of Devil's Island, Cayenne (French Guiana), was given as a gift from Emperor Napoleon III

  8. THE YEAR 1868

    A pure white marble Baptismal Font was acquired; it was donated by distinguished school teacher, F.P. Simon.

  9. THE YEAR 1879

    Erection of the east steeple tower.

  10. THE YEAR 1883

    Installation of some significant fittings: • The pipe organ built by Louis Debierre & Co. of Nantes, France. It is the only organ of its type still in use in the Western Hemisphere. Damaged by Hurricane David in 1979, repaired in 1984 by Fr. Herman van de Walle, and again in 1998. • New Stations of the Cross painted on copper with frames of oak. Having also suffered hurricane damage, they were restored in 1985-86. • The stained glass windows, some of the original ones still remain even after that same disastrous hurricane. • An all-oak Episcopal throne which was removed in 1982.

  11. THE YEAR 1907

    Murals above the side altars were painted by Bro. Idlephonse, CSsR. On the eastern side “Flight into Egypt” and “The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem” to the west.

  12. THE YEAR 1916

    Erection of the western steeple built of squared stones from the old Pointe Michel church tower.

  13. THE YEAR 1979

    Extensive damage by Hurricane David.

  14. THE YEAR 1980-82

    The entire roof was redone with eternit-tiles by Fr. Jacobs under the supervision of Fr. Charles Vermeulen. The side steeples are topped with concrete domes.

  15. THE YEAR 1984-85

    Creation of Chapel of the blessed Virgin.

  16. THE YEAR 1994-95

    Extensive Renovation according to present-day church requirements; alterations to the Sanctuary


From Visitors & Parishioners

Family, Friends and Firsts!

When I think of the Cathedral, generations of families across the aisles, friendships forged and first experiences are what I see in my mind's eye, and these tare just as sacred to me as the vast walls themselves!

Nadine Riviere


Great place to Worship

I must say that this church is well taken care of and well decorated in a respectful manner, I always feel blessed and excited when I enter to worship.

Cameron Warrington

IT Engineer

Majestic and Life Giving

Majestic, grand. yet warm and alive from all the bodies which journey through its sacred portals seeking nourishment from The Word, The Eucharist, the Sacraments and each other.

Marie-Louise Julien-Grell


My Spiritual Home

The Cathedral has always been my second home from a very young age. The clergy and staff over the years are always willing and able to support my spiritual growth.

Vashanti Raymond

Software Developer