Mass Coordinators

Mass Coordinators

Introduced in 2019, Mass Coordinators contribute significantly to the celebration of the Mass. These individuals are firstly trained in the physical set up for Mass from laying out of the items on the altar to preparing the Lectionary to monitoring and adjusting the sound systems. This is all in an effort to ensure that the Mass goes on smoothly and there is little to distract from the teachings of the Word of the Lord.

Mass Coordinators serve at all Masses. These individuals check that all participants of the Mass are present, and material is available for the priest and co-celebrants. They coordinate with ministry leaders who have roles for the Mass being held. These include priests and deacons, communion ministers, music, hospitality, altar servers and lector ministry leaders and individuals. Sometimes their role extends to planning of various Masses – engaging other groups to perform a variety of functions at celebrations and even enhancing themes through the addition of dance,décor and more.

Still, their duty stretches even further. They play an active role in the Mass itself. Mass Coordinators are required to commentate at least twice during the month assigned and fill in as needed when lectors or other commentators are absent. Therefore, it is no surprise that these individuals are present long before the Mass begins.

Mass coordinators are a family of strong communicators who actively participate in the effective transmission of the Word of the Lord and bringing the Mass to life. This group is a strong unit, constantly communicating within their small ministry to ensure all is executed as needed by the celebrants. These close-knit coordinators help each other to execute the Mass – where one is absent another promptly takes up the mantle and effectively delivers.

Colossians 3:23 says “Whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly, working for the Lord, and not for humans.”  

This truly describes the role and mindset of the Mass Coordinator. Always working first for the Lord and delivery of His Word.

Mass Coordinators Team

Sister Anita
Javed Seaman
Carnette Pemberton
Julian Lloyd Benjamin
Dave Lloyd
Marie-Louise Grell
Marvlyn Estrado
Kaysia John
La Toya Peter
Nicole Karam
Nadine Riviere.