Family Life

Family Life Unit

The Mission of the Family Life Unit is to improve the quality of Christian Family Life in the Parish of Our Lady of Fair Haven Cathedral by deepening the awareness of the people of God about the teachings of the church on issues which affect Family Life, and by providing growth opportunities to nurture the spirituality of the Christian Family as a Unit.

We aim to develop and give support to programs for the spiritual development and enrichment of all family types – single parent families, married couples, divorced, separated and widowed persons.  This will be done both at a community and individual/family level.

The Role of the Family Life Unit

  • To promote and deliver programmes that help families function effectively.
  • To determine through research the needs of the parish community.
  • To address the needs of and the adversities faced by families of the parish.
  • To give support to pre-marriage and post-marriage programs.
  • Identify resources and facilitate training for our families.
  • Develop programs for the spiritual development and enrichment of family life.
  • Gather and disseminate information on the Church’s teaching on current social issues related to family life, eg: abortion, contraception, HIV Aids, gay rights etc

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the Family Life Unit has been meeting via zoom on a Tuesday evening. We welcome new members. If interested in joining the Family Life Unit, please call the Parish Office at 448-2766 or any member of the Family Life Unit.


Keith Benjamin
Annie Benjamin
Karlene Richards
Anthony Richards
Ewart Bain
Celia Bain
Albertha George
Joanne Bellot

Family – where life begins and love never ends.